Do not waste human potential on packaging, automate the process

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Almost every product needs to be packed and labelled in order to be transported safely to your customers. This concerns often routine tasks or handling of heavy loads for a period longer than permitted by strict health protection limits. In such cases, it is advisable to consider industrial packaging of your products, their automatic identification, or even additional palletisation.


We can put your products in cardboard boxes which we assemble ourselves and then seal. Shipping packages can be marked with various labels, we are able to print the required information on your goods (date, batch, shift). We can place the products on shipping pallets, including wrapping in stretch film or tape.


The packaging systems are first designed by our engineers using state-of-the-art software to meet the capacity requirements and ideas of our customers. The equipment is tested in our company and then professionally implemented in your production.

Why should you choose De & Co?

  • We guarantee high quality
  • Years of experience of our design engineers
  • Our prices are some of the lowest in the market
  • We propose solutions tailored to the relevant operation
  • We provide above-standard flexible customer service

Packaging automation will improve your production efficiency

If you package your products manually, it is most likely to cause several process difficulties. Such as the need for the correct quantity of products in the package, level of quality and packaging stable in the long term, or the overall performance of the packaging line. You can eliminate all of these difficulties, and many others, by using an appropriate method of packaging your products. Based on our years of experience, we are able to help you with this and propose the most suitable packaging method to you.


The first step is a detailed consultation with you in order to get an idea of the current state of your production. Then we will discuss your requirements and ideas in terms of what you would like to change in your production. We will then propose an optimized packaging system which we will present to you in detail and subsequently implement in your current production. The result will be a sophisticated, highly reliable packaging system customised to your production.

How will our cooperation take place?

Send us your enquiry, describing your packaging system requirements.

Based on joint meetings and consultations, we will agree on the packaging system proposal and then will generate a quotation.

Once the purchase order has been placed, the equipment is designed. Once you have approved the 3D model of the station, it is produced, assembled and its functionality tested in our premises.

The equipment is installed in your operation, tested and fine-tuned to the required parameters. The operators are properly trained.

We remain in contact with you and are ready to provide you with customer service within 48 hours.


„I have been cooperating with DE & CO for 10 years. I can confirm that the quality of work is at a very good level. Flexibility and high commitment in solving the assignment is a demonstration of cooperation with a team that has created more than 10 functional stations for us. This mainly includes single-purpose robotic devices. Based on this experience, I can recommend cooperation with the company.“

Milan Juřica | Austin Detonator s.r.o. (Design Engineering Specialist)

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