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Installation of assembly lines tailored to your needs

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De & Co will help you design and implement assembly lines that will fully respect your production needs. We make sure that every solution is original, improves your production efficiency to the maximum extent, improves quality and, last but not least, time savings in your production. We design and deliver individualised solutions for specific operations in the automotive, health, textile production and a number of other industries, but we are also able to propose solutions basically in any operation. After the initial consultation with you, we will come up with a proposal that will result in optimisation of your production process in the form of a customised production line consisting of unique machines that will assemble, inspect and properly label your product.

Why should you choose De & Co?

  • We guarantee high quality
  • Years of experience of our design engineers
  • Our prices are some of the lowest in the market
  • We design assembly lines tailored to the given processes
  • We provide above-standard flexible customer services

We design the entire assembly line so that the production process is optimised

Thanks to our years of experience, we are able to design a customised assembly line for your operation. We are able to give you advice on automation and jointly find the most optimal solution for you. With our assembly lines, you will be sure that you will not only manufacture your product in the required quality and working cycle, but also that it will be 100% checked and identified.


We are able to respond to your requirements and set up the whole process so that at the end of the process, you obtain the best possible result with maximum savings in time, material and costs. We can help you optimize your production and select the appropriate level of automation for your operation. From semi-automatic production with the use of operators to fully automatic production where all the work is carried out by the machine.

How will our cooperation take place?

Send us your enquiry, describing your product, expected production performance parameters, or the required level of automation.

Based on joint meetings and consultations, we will agree on the exact specification of the assembly line, will propose a specific assembly line for you, and will prepare a quotation for you, including the assembly schedule.

Once the purchase order has been placed, the assembly line itself will be designed. Once you have approved the 3D model of the line, it is produced and assembled. After tuning the line to the required parameters, operational tests of the line will be conducted in our company premises.

The assembly line is installed, tested and commissioned at its destination. The operators are properly trained.

We remain in contact with you and are ready to provide you with customer service within 48 hours.


„We came into contact with DE & CO for the first time when enquiring about a single-purpose machine in 2018. We were searching for a supplier with a high-level professional - personal background for a comprehensive delivery of a single-purpose machine - press. After the first contact and visit by the supplier to our plant, we were pleased to see their approach, negotiation, professional competence and drive. When awaiting the quotation and during the tender, these facts convinced us internally to establish cooperation with this supplier. In the current year 2020, we are approaching the completion and acceptance of a single-purpose machine project according to the planned schedule, which confirms to us that DE & CO was the right choice...“

Jindřich Toufar | EFAFLEX - CZ s.r.o. (Technology and Maintenance Manager)

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