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In the vast majority of industries, various products are assembled. A common feature of all these applications is the requirement for proper compliance with assembly procedures and parameters, and last but not least, the need to collect data from assembly operations and to check the final products. Machine assembly features high process stability, full inspection of the input parts, compliance with the assembly regulations, and always at the same working pace. Assembly automation gives you maximum control over the process and, above all, over the speed of your production.

Why should you choose De & Co?

  • We guarantee high quality
  • Years of experience of our design engineers
  • Our prices are some of the lowest in the market
  • Assembly applications are our routine
  • We provide above-standard flexible customer service

We design the assembly process for your product to reduce costs

The first step is a detailed consultation with the client in order to find out exactly what their requirements are and what they would like to change in production. We will then propose a possible solution that meets your requirements to the maximum extent, also with regard to the economic aspect of the project. After production and assembly of the machinery, we first test it in our operations and only then deliver it for installation in your production. We will take care of both transport and professional assembly and warranty and post-warranty servicing.

How will our cooperation take place?

Send us your enquiry, describing what kind of production process you need to optimize.

Based on joint meetings and consultations, we will agree on a draft implementation, then we will propose a specific solution for you and generate a quotation.

Once the purchase order has been placed, the equipment is designed. Once you have approved the 3D machine model, the machine is manufactured and assembled. After debugging the machine to the required parameters, operational tests of the equipment are conducted in our company premises.

The equipment is installed, tested and commissioned at its destination. The operators are properly trained.

We remain in contact with you and are ready to provide you with customer service within 48 hours.


„We came into contact with DE & CO for the first time when enquiring about a single-purpose machine in 2018. We were searching for a supplier with a high-level professional - personal background for a comprehensive delivery of a single-purpose machine - press. After the first contact and visit by the supplier to our plant, we were pleased to see their approach, negotiation, professional competence and drive. When awaiting the quotation and during the tender, these facts convinced us internally to establish cooperation with this supplier. In the current year 2020, we are approaching the completion and acceptance of a single-purpose machine project according to the planned schedule, which confirms to us that DE & CO was the right choice...“

Jindřich Toufar | EFAFLEX - CZ s.r.o. (Technology and Maintenance Manager)

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